I have become comfortably numb
2002-10-22 03:21:10 (UTC)

Who knew?

Paranoid confusion of my reality
Is everything this fake?
Intertwined in these lies
Blatant misunderstandings
Are starting to unfold
Who knew I could find the truth
In your eyes?
I never even thought you saw me
With all the he said she said, mail sent
from one person to the next
The clear answer isn't that obvious
Have you ever stood next to someone
And realized you'll never be the one
They want, never be the one they love?
Well I have, and that's what did it
My mind was set
There was no chance, there was nothing
I knew I couldn't have you
I knew I couldn't ever be happy
Who knew you could die from the lies
That people tell?
Who knew you cold turn cold and die from
A broken heart?
I did
And this is why I can never be happy
Now when I realize the truth, it's too late
It's already been done
I can never be with you now
Never experience the love you could have
Once given
So out of all this and out of all my reasons,
Who knew that the things my supposed "friends"
Said were lies?
Everyone knew, but what they didn't know was
That those lies were the reason
I took my own life

Never base your life on what other people say, they might
just be tryin to fuck you over.


P.S. I love you Jeremy, thank you for not letting what
they said be true.