The Black Hole
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2001-08-06 14:58:24 (UTC)


Why do guys have to be so tricky? You can never know what
they are thinking and you never know if what htey say is
true. My friend Ross and I(thats all he is is a friend) DO
dtuff together all the time but I don't think he acts the
same arounbd me than with other peolpe it like he can be
himself or something.

Abby and Lisa are my best friends. Melissa and MAry don't
talk to me anymore. THey do but its like past me not to me.
I think They hate me or something. I just don't know.
Ecspessialy Melissa. She acts likle I'm not as good as her
or something. Its hard to explain. I've told bby the
entire story and she does'nt kmnow what to think

Eric is moving up on my list I do believe. And so is Lil
Pete. I am going to go crazy if someone does'nt ask me to
Homecoming this year.

Curtis is an ass all he can do is think of himself.

Abby spent the night the other night and she was being
really funny about the net and msn! SHe was making jokes
withnpeole and telling opeople she had crushes on them and
stuff it was soooo much fun! We also went and saw lgally
blonde it was fun! We are going to try and see Prinsees
Diarys also together

gots to go,
Mail me!