2001-08-06 14:57:34 (UTC)

August 6th....ONLY 2 MORE DAYS....

Aw, only two more days and I will be embarking on my last
year of high school. SENIOR!!! 2002!!!! Anyway, it's going
to feel so different walking down the halls of Baldwin and
not having some people there. For instance, no more of me
looking for Leroy to walk down the hall, no more ToeDoe
standing next to me, no more Jemarcus standing in the
bathroom high....it's just going to be soooo different. But
in order for me to get outta there...they had to go first.
Ya know! But anyway, nothing too major has been going on.
I've been thinking about Leroy, but not to the point where
I have to make my entry completely about him. I've just
kinda put in my head that I won't hear from him till he
comes back to town. I don't think I'll be getting emails
from him or even phone calls while he's in Clemson. I know
he's going to be extremely busy with football practice and
stuff. He's going to meet new people and be hanging with
them. I totally understand. I miss him, but it will be
okay. Well, maybe I'll do another entry later today...right
now the times are kinda boring.....*J*