The mediocrity that is me
2002-10-22 02:02:07 (UTC)

sex, drugs and rock and roll.

oh, i quit smoking yesterday. just because i can.

and my god, i had a strange night last night. i didn't
get to bed until 8 in the morning. yes, that's right, 8
in the morning. what was i doing, you ask? talking to
anthony. it was incredibly weird. i ended up hanging out
with him all night last night, i can't remember why.

what was it. oh, i remember now. something about
cigarettes. except i quit smoking. and then we drank
jack daniels. and then we got pizza.

and then, for some reason, we ended up talking online
again. this time about sex.

i don't know, the whole thing was just...weird. to say
the least. and we didn't end up having sex.
unfortunately. although, if we had a fucking place, i
think we would have.

sex. no emotional attachment. no strings at all.

thank you, that was all that i wanted.

sex and friends.

i just hope it all works out tonight.