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2002-10-22 00:07:24 (UTC)


J'adore francais. Il est magnifique.

Ok, so I'm a little happy about french. No as usual I
didn't A's any test, but instead I got out of dying in
helping out tutoring. The good thing is that the problems
that the chick had, which I was hooked up with, were
problems I could really deal with. Besides I knew her so it
was all cool. I got 2 points extra credit for coming, I'm
gonna get some hours if I just fill out that sheet and have
Ms. Warner sign it. In addition to that, I feel great that
I didn't die.

Now I can say I feel so educated because I studied at
night, slept only 2 hours, did my homework, ran some
errands during lunch, tutored French after school, got home
ate reall fast and went on to teach English. So I feel as
though my life is finally getting somwhere. I like it when
I have a jam packed schedule. Il est bon.

I had a U.S. History test today, which I didn't study for
but it's okay cause my grade is safe anyway. A demain est
le examen francais. I'm crossing my fingers on that one.
It's all review, and I still don't know about 1/2.
Wednesday it's even worse cause I have a Chem test. (The
teacher found my calculator. Yeay!!!) After that I have
Romanian Club, and hopefully some people will show up with
the will to dance for international days. Hopefully a
majority of guys will show up cause we need guys. There's
only one so far. But hopefully they will come out of their
own will, and not cause my community civics teacher tried
to help me out by getting memebers, by saying that she will
give extra credit. We'll see how it all works out on
wendsday. Other then that, I had an option to score some
more hours tutoring Mlle. Callans french students wednesday
after school, but I have Romanian club. Thursday is
ofcourse freestreet, and saturday are the ACT's, which will
get me late for free street. Yikes. I love this packed
schedule of mine.

Miss Sebastyen is gonna help me to look for scholorships.
Which is great, and she helped me with the club, which is
great. I still didn't finish that book, which sucks. But I
will finish this weekend definately since Karoline isn't
coming. So I won't be distracted. I'm not gonna sleept
tonight either. At the most a few hours and then off to
dunkin donuts for some coffee. I finally bought a planner.
Which is great so I can finally prioritize and know what's
going on when. I wasn't able to go shoppin today, but
that's okay.

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow."

On that Shakespearean note: