2002-10-21 23:59:11 (UTC)

Back to classes

Well, today is done. It was actually a quick day. It went
really fast and classes were actually not very boring.
First hour, which is psychology, we got hypnotized and I
basically fell asleep. I was supposed to, don't worry. It
felt so weird, like I was there for a minute but in reality
it was about half an hour. It felt so cool, like I wasn't
even in my body! And then the imagery activity he had us
do felt like a dream when I got up and went to the next
class. But the rest of the day went really quickly. I
kind of had a thing for Ben most of the day, but every time
that I saw Andrew I just went kind of crazy and got sort of
love struck. I am such a dork. But then after school, ...