chevs life
2002-10-21 23:20:35 (UTC)

October 21/02

Well, here's my peice of knowledge for the day:

My personality is a combination of the personality traits
of the people around me.

Haha, ya... sounds pretty retarded eh? But hey! that's
alright. I was just kind of thinking about that today.
Like, I would listen to things I say or do and it just
reminded me of at least one of my friends. I guess you
never really notice what kind of influence your friends
are you until you really think about it.

As for my day...

Well it was alright. School actually seemed shorter today
for some odd reason.
Mr. Morin didn't yell at me for once... but Rosetta did
get in crap for calling me a paki. Haha. The weird thing
about it is that someone in the class (I won't name any
names) said they hated black people as a joke but didn't
get in crap but when Rosetta calls me a paki as a joke...
well all hell breaks loose! geez whiz! Now she supposedly
has to appologize to the whole class for making a racist
comment or some crap like that. How gay is that?
Science class was pretty amusing too. We had to do some
weird experiment and it ended up stinking up like the
whole second floor of the school. Haha.
Dancing was alright. I was soooooooooooooo lost though. I haven't
been to it for 6 or 7 weeks cuz of the mono so I was like what the
heck are we doing here and I was trying to keep up (Naturally, that
didn't really work out) but hey, it was pretty fun anyway.

Anyways, I guess that's pretty much it for today! Have an awesome