Strata of Life
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2002-10-21 23:03:02 (UTC)

Rough day...Woke up..

Rough day...Woke up light-headed..not enough sleep last
nite..Had to force myself up after several attempts made by
the alarm clock..almost fell back asleep in the shower..had
to get ready quickly before my ride came to pick me
up..Walked out with my hair half wet as usual..Didn't feel
like doing much before homeroom..spent 15 minutes sitting
at my friend's locker waiting for her to come..Slow first
couple of periods..math grade stabbed me in my heart..rest
of day, melancholy..thinking about how far i've traveled
from my usual self..can't describe the transformation..lack
of interest, loss of strife? What happened to me? I feel
like I'm slowly drifting toward that waterfall..and if i
dont try to save myself, i'm going to fall to the bottom...
I need to get away from it all..i need time to catch my
breath..I've been doing the same routine for several
weeks..and its killing me..always the same thing..wake-up,
school, homework till late at night..and it repeats over
and over..Its gettin worse and worse..i'm bound to shatter
from this pressure..

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