The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-10-21 22:50:08 (UTC)

October 21, 2002. Early evening.

Today I'm painting. All day. Four pieces are due tomorrow
for midterms. The first is of two dumpsters. It's perfectly
lovely, moderately clever (I'm painting garbage, ha ha) and
mostly done. The next is of a cigarette. It's tacky, and
not finished yet. The third is a still-life on some
religious items. It's very nicely done and 90% complete.
The last is of an in-class nude model. It is a train wreck,
and it will never be finished to my satisfaction. Oh well.

I'll be up all night finishing them, I suspect.

Last night I took a break and helped mom move some
furniture at the studio. We talked about dad a little bit.
I wonder if she tells anyone else the things she tells me.
Sometimes, I'm pretty sure she doesn't. It's a strange
relationship we have in that respect. Mind you, that's not
a complaint. Not at all. I love my mom.

There's some finanical news as well, but I'll hold off on
that until later. Now I will return to The Studio. And
Create works of Art. Ha ha.

I want to listen to the Go-Betweens.