Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-08-06 12:36:00 (UTC)

should be working

Yeah...I should be working. But it's still a bit early.
My stomach hurts. I don't know what the deal is...it just
does. Oh well. I have to finish my food review project
today. Great. Plus do dishes, laundry, and start cleaning
my room. I hope Jamie's gotten farther on her recourds!
And she has to come tonight, so ha on her! :) My life is
very boring. I saw Nick Langan at Erdman's
yesterday...actually he saw me and said hi which is weird
cuz I like never talk to him. Whatever. Then Mike came
out to put our groceries in our trunk and take the number
while I was messing with the radio so he scared me. He
tends to do that often. He slammed our trunk really hard;
the whole car was shaking! But my mom said Ashley did the
same thing when mom dropped me off there, so who knows.
Maybe we have a really shaky car.
I have to redo my nails. The lavender tips I gave them
yesterday don't look very good. I'll just go with solid
purple. I'm gonna go do that now even though I should be
doing my work first. Oh well! :)