Welcome to MY wOrLd
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2002-10-21 21:48:41 (UTC)

Monday Monday

Yesterday I slep a whole lot and then studied for my
Political Theory class... At the night time Malyssa Sara
and I smoked it up and then was bombarded by the guys from
floor 2.. they are all pretty cool, so it was nice having
them up...

Today i had my exam and i think i did pretty well, but
we'll see.. Tonight I work from 9-12 at Dunkin Donuts.. so
lol come stop by if you can...

Ive been thinking alot, and i dont know.. ha its endless.
But yeah, for some reason i am missing people more these
days... well a few people at least. and things up here are
getting tricky well as far as guys go.. and i have no idea
what i want or what to do.. cause probobly the one sure
thing I'll always know i want, i will never have....

Well im gonna take a nap before work.. so ill write more
tomarrow or the next day!

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