De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-08-06 11:26:57 (UTC)


Sunday-Monday 6/8/01

Realli worked my ass off these 2 days, all because of the
AI programing assignment...the damm Poolog : P (Prolog)..
Other than that, it's been more project meetings..realli
quite shacked out actualli... at the same time, i'm lookin
arnd to see if there're any companies interested to offer
internships here....if so , i mite spend another half-year here...
but who knows, home's betta afterall.... at least everything's within

and it's officially a month since i've arrived in NZ! have oradi
settled in with the lifestyle here.. There isn't much of a culture
shock i guess.. and i've opened up more again , i guess... prob the
pple here that affected me... realli happy that i've made so many
friends here...irregardless whether we'll keep in contact in the
future, i'm sure glad i've spent 6mths of my life wit em! and the
scenary, omigosh, that's it.....

ar.....the feeling of clearing assignments is great!! shall go enjoy
my free time and mabee finish up my book.... btw the library fines
here are horrendous, $6 per book per day!!!