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2002-10-21 19:56:12 (UTC)

Worthless Air

It's a feeling you cant explain but you've felt it
Something brought me back to a moment I didn't want to

Walking in the middle of a breeze, taken away to a time so
long ago and nearly forgotten.

Not sure how it got under my skin, in my thoughts, and
changing my mood entirely upside down in a half of a

A thought about nothing...a moment I cant remember. It's
the smell of the air, the touch of the breeze, a step to
the past, I just cant make out.

When my feet hit the ground each passing step I take into
the future, I still cant recognize the thought, but it
builds up inside.

Worthless air I whisper into the wind....followed by a
chill, a tear, and a sigh.

Falling to the ground my precious time fades away with an
unfamiliar smog of worthless air.....

Worthless air...I whisper into the wind....worthless air
screams back to me in a echo of sadness and hate...I lay
there in the middle of nothing surrounded by
everything..clenching my eyes shut waiting for the moment
to fade....waiting for the moment to fade...