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2002-10-21 19:53:17 (UTC)

monday, october 21st, 2002

Man today has been an incredibly slow and gloomy day, but
I am recalling Nathan Battey's lesson from Sunday at Allen
and I am trying to rejoice in everything. Cuz I know that
I haven’t been through anything that is merely close to
anything of importance. Just silly lil things that I
shouldn’t let drag me down. But the main thing is that I am
extremely tired. I didn’t get to much sleep this weekend at
the meeting; the meeting was still great though! It brought
up a lot of feelings thought that kind of made me feel down
but I'm trying to get over them b/c there is absolutely
nothing that I can do about them. Last time I wrote I said
that last week would be like really slow, well I was wrong.
It flew by me! Seems strange when I think about the past
few years. So many things have happened and I can’t believe
how fast my life is flying by. I mean in the past few years
both of my sisters moved out to the house, Zach turned the
big 16, dad has been declared permanently disabled.... and
I have a niece and a nephew. There’s been tons of other
stuff to of course, but it just seems so crazy to think of
all of these things that can happen in a matter of years.
Just makes me stop and think about how much the Bible is
right about our life’s being like a vapor before us. But I
don’t know how I would have gotten through all the tough
times with out all of my Christian friends...and to all of
you THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! You all have helped me
tremendously through my tough times weather you realize it
or not, just getting to talk to you guys makes me know that
there is hope. :-D once again thank you, thank you, and
thank you!!! But I have kind of gotten out of the habit of
reading my Bible so I need to get to reading again!! It
helps me out a lot and I know that’s one of the reasons
that I have been kind struggling lately, I don’t have the
joy that the bible can bring. So all of you out there who
read this pray for me to include God in my life more and
not just all of my school activities. Please.0:-)
Well I’m going to end this but I will right in this thing
again soon. Possibly tonight if I wake up from my sweet
slumber. bye bye all!!!