2001-08-06 08:30:05 (UTC)

Just another day

Had a really fun day today.

Rented a boat with 3 frenz and we all went out fishing.
Rain started pouring while we were out on the water, and i
almost crashed the boat into a log but it was awesome.
Unfortunately we didn't catch much. I caught a small
salmon, but it was so small, i threw it back. We ended up
catched 1 fish and 1 crab in 5 hrs. Pathetic huh?

We all went home, slept, ate dinner then met up around 10
to cook up the stuff. Made a seafood chowder, it was
surprisingly good. Maybe it was the drinks we had that
made it taste good. If i'm not back, i probably died from
bad seafood.. = (

Saw Rush Hour 2 last nite, was funny. Met up with 2 frenz
i haven't seen for a while, so it was fun. Was supposed to
go watch fireworks thou. Didn't get to meet up with this
girl i wanted to see..that was the only downer.

Catch ya'll nth else to say
I'm ghosting..