My Journal
2001-08-06 08:09:10 (UTC)

Another Entry

I'm reading 'The Tale of Murasaki' by Liza Dalby right now.
I somehow find the cultures of Japanese quite enchanting.
There's a very classy and elegant essence in their ways
that just mesmerize you into wanting to observe more of
their delicate art. The book is a fictional autobiograpy,
the type of books I somehow enjoy indulging into. However,
I find the lifestyles of Geishas far more interesting than
others. They are complicated beings who are one face to the
wolrd and another mystery to their world. Their stories are
full of raw violence that would shock people upon thinking
that such delicate ladies could be opened to such
My SPM trials is about 2 weeks away and I still haven't
studied for it. I am such a lazyass.
The Prom Committee wanted me to look for a suitable theme
for this years Prom Night. Shouldn't I get a bit of the
income? YES!! But I doubt they will entertain my request.
Here I am, poring my brains out for a nice theme for the
rest to singslong to and there they'll be, counting up
their profits while I while away the night being lonely and
totally single for the rest of the night.
My friends are planning to go with their boyfriends/
brothers/ cousin. Just my luck none of my options could
include any of those. I don't have a boyfriend/ my brother
couldn't be bothered/ my cousin would definately protest on
such an outrageous thing as a prom night where boys are
permitted to hold and grabb girl's waist.
Still haven't called Duta, the lead singer of SO7...
Wonder if he'd go to the prom with me. Yeah. Like he would
fly from Indonesia to Malaysia just to while away the night
with a 17 year old.
Still, it could happen... plz!! let it happen!

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