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2002-10-21 17:55:04 (UTC)

Home :/

Im home... again. Yesterday I went to Starbucks and bought
a Caramel Frapp im not suppose to eat anything that cold
yet and I still did and had to stay home for spitting out
blood again. Sux for me. Well yesterday night Sniper came
over and he took me to Tams because I had craving for Tams
burgers and donuts. We kicked it for a little bit and then
he dropped me off at home and he went on his way. Then he
called me when he got home and we talked for a long time.
Okay on the wack updates with my dad, on Saturday morning
my sisters where getting ready and so was my mom, so I
asked my mom was she taking my sisters since I thought she
was gonna go to work. She said yeah and I was like where
are you going and she said your dad is gonna pick us up so
we can go to his house. I got really mad. But I didnt say
anything. Well I thought he was just gonna wait outside
and then honk or call them from his cell phone but then I
heard the van pull in and then he parked and turned it off
so I got up and ran to the bathroom and started taking a
shower. Then my little sister needed to use it real bad so
she went in the bathroom and then she told me that my dad
had said can I hurry up because he had to use it. That got
me pissed. Then my mom bangged on the door and told me to
hurry up and get out of the shower because my dad wanted
to take a shower, so that made me really fucking pissed.
So I decided that I was gonna stay my happy ass in the
shower until all the hot water ran out so that he would
only get cold water. So then I ran out the shower into my
room and locked the door. Then I put on some clothes
really fast and while he was in the bathroom, I ran out
the house. Kinda fucked up that my mom rather for me to
leave GOD knows where just as long as my dad is home. Then
I went to school and when I came back he was here he had
just dropped them off and went to work. But then my mom
told me that my dad was on his way to pick up my little
sisters because they where gonna spend the night so then
again i got my shit and I left. So like around 11 I came
home and my mom wasnt here. Nobody was here. So I called
my baby and we talked but then we hung up like around 130
and my mom still wasnt here, i should have thrown a party.
so then i decided to try and go to sleep because it was
late but i couldnt because it was too scary being home
alone. Then my mom came and I went to my bed and knocked
out. On Sunday we went to go and visit the new memeber of
the family. My cousin, Rita, just had a baby girl her name
is Zoe. GOD I love babies they are so cute. I cant wait
till I have mines.

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