No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-21 17:45:57 (UTC)

Last Night

I had quite the eventful night last night. I went to bed
and was woken up by the dogs barking and Trish and Terry
were here. Mind you it's 11:15 at night and my mom left at
11 to go to Winn-Dixie to get Trish cuz she didn't call. I
gave Terry a hug and went back to bed. Well, my mom talked
to the manager. She also started junk with Trish and told
us we aren't to ride with Terry anymore. I was sleeping,
but woken up by yelling. I guess Trish called Terry's cell
and told him not to get us. He didn't check his messages.
So, he came anyways, thinking we'd wait at the bus stop. I
told her we should wait and she was like "no". So, he went
to the house and my mom told him we rode the bus. I saw him
the morning. He's been happy today, I guess that's how to
put it. He's been saying hi in the halls and at lunch and
all that. It's really cool. I have yet to talk to him, but
I will. So I am going to talk to my mom and see why I
should be punished for Trika and try to get us to ride with
Terry in the mornings again. I HATE my mom.
Yeah my dad is a dork. lol. Not really, but he's suddenly
trying to make up to me. Yeah, and stuff. That's all I have
to say on that one.
If my memory is right, Terry doesn't work tonight so maybe
I'll talk to him. If not, I can do it tomorrow. But I need
to do it soon.
:( Shawn just flicked my elbow. *sigh*
Yeah, I'm still in school. I just wanted to update everyone
so you kinda know what's going on in my life. Yeah. I am
gunna jet now.
"Please send me anything but signals that are mixed."

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