~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-08-06 07:42:27 (UTC)

ahother day

yeah another day to live through. the pain in my chest is
still there. i was hearing someone talking to me once agian
i dont know his name, yeah i just know it is a him. and
younger. right now my feet are so sooo cold and nothing i
can do. im thinking about going in my bedroom. star is
spending the night. she is sitting right here trying to
read over my sholder so i told her to turn around.
sometimes i wish i could just hit her upside the head. i
have before, yeah i know what kind of friend am i. only if
you knew her. you would want to do the same thing. man, im
still thinking about angie, more then i useauly do, ever
sence i seen alex and sane. man i miss her, only if i
could go ack in time and tell her good bye..... i dint even
go to her funrel, i was to scared to go i dint know if i
could handle it. i want to cry so bad, but i cant cry for
her, i have cry for her but not how i am felling inside, i
bet no one understands what i am saying here, oh well i do
and well that all that matters, for now. sometimes i think
about killing my self well yeah im
sure every one is done hearing about my problems. so i am
leaveing for now byby peace and keep smiling