Lesbian bullshit
2001-08-06 07:37:52 (UTC)

No Title

a car going 80 miles
80 miles per hour
on a road
an endless winding road
the light shining before my eyes
my soul binding
never crying eyes
and my sayings...
called lies
drifting from never seen eyes
when its too close to say anything
or do anything
i finally heard my mothers cries
and finally recognized
she really does try
oh my
oh my
i looked up high
very high
towards the beautiful
star glistening sky
i asked
now i see that there cannot be an answer
no answer
for my stupity
there is no answer
for my questions
they shall remain un-answered
i still wander
i still wander down the side walks
you ask why?
why dont you ask why
...i jumped infront of on-going traffic
last night