Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2002-10-21 16:24:10 (UTC)

Proceed with Caution.

Love like you've never been hurt? Sure, but be careful.
VERY careful.

Okay,so things are going well with V & I. I had sex with
him this past Wednesday night. I admit, the next day I was
worried that he wouldn't call...he did. Again and again.
All weekend while I was cooped up at work we talked for
hours at night. Last night we met up, went out for a couple
beers and rented some movies. Went back to his place,
watched the movies, had sex a couple more times. Crashed
out on his couch. This morning he brought me coffee and an
omelette I couldn't eat (ham) so I felt bad, but he ate it
all himself so I don't think he really minded. When I left
he told me to call him tonight between 5&7 (he works two
jobs and those are the hours he has off between them). And
so I will.

So,I've only known the guy for just over a week. I've only
seen him four times, including the day we met. Friends keep
telling me to "take it slow" with him and I know I should,
I haven't really though. I mean, I'm not in love with him
and honestly, if things don't work out, at this point I
really wouldn't be upset. Right now I think of him as a
great guy who's fun to be with, and good in the sack. I
haven't met his family, I know only one of his friends whom
I met the same night I met him. I have no access to
references, in fact, I know nothing of his past love-life
other than his ex-girlfriend & he used to live together &
were really serious. I haven't asked why the broke up, but
I will. In time. If things seem to be moving into
relationship-status with him. They kind of do now, but I'm
not going to let myself feel as though I have any kind of
commitment with him as we have not talked of anything like
that. I did mention to him that I'm thinking of going back
on the pill and he was like "or the ex was on
the needle" and I told him I took the pill for awhile
(since I was 14 actually but...) and wasn't too keen on
either not getting my period or getting it non-stop. He
told me his ex had it non-stop for awhile before not
getting it at all, then said he thought the no-period-at-
all thing is a bit weird.

So, I don't have a boyfriend, I have a lover. Actually,
that's kind of good right now I think. If we DO talk about
becoming a "couple" or whatever, I'm DEFINATELY going to
find out more about V...about his past & recent
relationships, etc. Right now I'm not too worried. Sex is
sex and as far as I'm concerned, as long as I'm not all
wrapped up in the guy,and I'm not, I'm taking things slow.

Proceed with caution,
~love ridden