Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-10-21 15:53:51 (UTC)

recording...acoustic shows....

OK so we have been re-doing the guitars and bass on our CD.
I have been putting down vocals but not as much as I'd like
because my voice always goes after 1 song. But so far it
sounds great so i know the end product will rule. We played
an acoustic show 2 nights ago that I thought went really
well despite no help from Tower Records and the fact we
don't have 3 acoustic guitars with pick ups. But the main
point is that we had fun. Today i have been doing band
work...I take every monday off and I do work for the band.
so far it's been emails and that kind of stuff but I soon
have to put together some press kits and send them off at
the post office. And as always phone calls. Anywho...well I
think I am going to try to get more done. And tonight is
pennis. (yeah!)
top 5 cd's in my player
1. Ben Folds - Live
2. Bon Voyage - The Right Amount
3. Coldplay - Rush Of Blood To The Head
4. Poor Old Lu - The Waiting Room
5. Aerosmith - Greatest Hits