Jess's Journal
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2002-10-21 11:01:39 (UTC)


Okay so I'm mad at the internet. Wanted to write my journal
entry last night, couldn't. Damn screw-ups. Oh well. Okay. I
am so gonna miss certain people when I go to TN. You know
what...."we need to talk" are four horrible words...and
someone is right...nothing good does follow that. So
yesturday, here's what I all did: 1. went to teach sunday
school (always fun) 2. came home for like an hour or so 3.
went to my cuz's 18th bday party (happy bday kari!!) 4. came
home for like 5 min 5. drove my mom's car to confirmation
class 6. came home, talked to chris (always a good
thing...love talking to him...don't regret ever
starting..always feel good...will most definatly miss
talking to him when i leave...but rest assured..he'll be
one of the first i talk to when i get home!!!!!!!!!!)

Things to do today:
go to school
do homework
clean my room
go to wctc (or tomorrow)
talk to CHRIS, trish, peck, nicholas or brianne

You know what, i'll write more later.