kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-10-21 07:54:50 (UTC)

Music to my ears

I had late night snack with Mandy, Cal and some other
people. I was getting a strange vibe from Mandy at first,
but it went away fast. Somehow the conversation got on
Dave like it usually does with her.

She said she could never date Dave. She has Shaun well
they used to date and will most likely get back together.
I am really hoping they will. I saw them together on
Saturday at the football game. They were great together.

We went to the game with Cal, Pierre, and a bunch of other
people I sort of know. Our team beat the rivals so it was
awsome!!! We had pizza, watched Monsters, Inc. and had
fun after the game.

I love getting together with lots of people. Parties and
large gatherings are really fun. I could live with life
being one big party. It would even be fun to be drunk for
all of life.

She said the only way she could date Dave was if he lived
closer. It's a couple hours drive from here to him and
she lives most of an hour farther away from here.

I have sort of been charged with getting him to come over
here this weekend. I tried to get him to come over last
weekend, but it didn't work. I offered him a half naked
me and he still didn't come over.

I am hoping he will come if I say that Cal and Mandy want
him to come too. They made fudge on Saturday. He was
hoping there would be some left for him, but I know it's
almost all gone now. Cal did say she would make more if
he came. Mandy just got excited and said she really hoped
he would come.

I will have to up the stakes and say I'll let him take
pictures of me in my school girl outfit. I'll even pose
for the camera. I think I can pull off some good poses.
I'll practice up this week.

I am now watching some new show on MTV. It has Tiffany
Amber Theissen (sp?) from Saved By The Bell. She is sexy.

I am now attempting to finish the poster I have due
tomorrow. It's only a rough comp so I'm not too worried
about it yet. It will look good, just not as good as it
will when I turn in the final.

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