Teenage Politics
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2002-10-21 06:40:19 (UTC)

Where should I even start?

Lets see, last you knew, I was nervous about starting
school. I have so much to say, Im not even sure where to
School : One word...WOW! M-field is amazing. It's
unbelievably freakin huge. I still get lost sometimes, if I
get turned around in the stair wells. The pep rallies are
amazing. I've never seen such a big gym, or so many
students packed into one place, making that much noise-
age.Seeing my friends in the halls is sort of a dilemma
tho. It goes like this :
I see a friend ::yells:: "HEY!" ::gets pushed by the
massive mob of people, all in a hurry : yells:: "HEY COME
BACK HERE...oop...wait...oh...CATCH YOU LATER" ..defeat..I
have unsuccessfully chatted it up with my girls as I float
down the halls in the massive stream of human bodies that
surround me. And believe you me some of them smell pretty
badly. Im proud to be at m-field, although our football
team is pitiful. Whitewright I think would have a strong
chance of beating this 5A team. But maybe Im partial to my
WW boy-ees. Eh? I love my new friends from M-field. Holla
to them now....1st period I got : Matt, Macey,Nicole,
Meagan, Jennifer, Brynne, Candace, and any of you ppl I
forgot(or if Im not sure how the heck you spell your name
Kahloei?) Im sorry yall! 2nd period ...ALL MY MEXICANS!!!
Miguel, Diego, Dustin( even tho you have babe, you dont
count but for half a wetback tee hee) and Trevor and Blythe
of course and Laci and Leanne and everyone else. 3rd :
Vince, Clint, you guys crack me up with your little rice
burner for life lovin selves. And Brice, you just make me
freakin laugh dude. 4th period....you girls at my
table..yall some crazy girls! :) to my Jessica bookends..I
HEART YOU BOTH MASSIVELY! anyway, off that little
soapbox....my teachers are all wonerful. Coach Carroll is
the coolest teacher on the planet. He's just nifty. Im
getting amazing grades, and Im liking it. Im in the dracula
production set for next week, the 24th, the 26th, 31st, and
nov. 2. oughta be blood curdling! LOL hardy harr.OH AND IM
SO HAPPY I made Thespian Convention I.E's. VERY KICKASS. Oh
oh oh...and guess WHAT?! I am not short here, I am average
to maybe a little tall!! YAY!! I have come to the
conclusion that, God did us all an unfair injustice, he
placed all of his outstanding creatures in one small town
(namely Whitewright) and left everyone else with an
unbalanced amount of ugly people. I mean it,
Whitewrightians are like the Athens and the Spartans of
Greece all rolled into one. Everyone is perfect, they're
gorgeous, perfect skin, perfect physical fitness, really
smart, really tall, AMAZING at sports, can dance like no
other, and anything else you might want to add. It's just
not fair. Speaking of Whitewright. I went back for
homecoming. First time i've been back since school started.
Wow. I miss everyone so much. It's amazing some of the
people you forget about in 2 months time. I got pictures
with my boy-ees. and I got to talk to timmy for a long
time. We have worked our problems out and now we are back
on track.....back to that amazing feeling we started out
with. Tomorrow I'll share little pieces of his notes, if he
says that is okay. For today, I tell you that the last two
weekends have been EXCEPTIONALLY perfect with him. I love
him so much. He's just an amazing person. And GOD he's hot!
LOL. Seeing some people made me miss the friendships I used
to have with them. I remember my 4th period class last year
rocked all year. I loved the ppl I sat with. It was just
major sweetness. And tonight I talked with a friend from
Dub Town that I hadnt actually gotten to sit down and go
over old memories with in a while. He reminded me of
something that I had almost forgotten about, and it made me
sad to think that all of those memories I have are from so
long ago. Wow. (#1 will always be my favorite song..no
matter what Slykk, and you know why.) another person I miss
a lot is Ello. We used to talk so much, about everything
that was going on. Now I feel as if I dont even really know
him. I miss everything about him. he was so much like
myself in a male figure. I miss his advice, and his hectic
love life, or lack thereof. I wish I had a day just to
spend with him. I should have taken advantage of the day we
had in the summer. For what it's worth, Im sorry. Some
people that I saw, I would have rather choked than said
hello to. So I held myself back and pretended they didnt
exist. They know who they are. LOL. Other than that, Im
really tired and I cant think of anything else to talk
about right now cus IM SO TIRED, so until I get the time to
write in here again, adios muchachos. (In no way was that
an ethnic joke, .....Im dating a mexican, why would I do
that? LOL j/k)