My so called life...
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2002-10-21 06:39:24 (UTC)

Out of focus

Listening to: Norah Jones - Don't know why....
Movie: Insomniac (Robin Williams / Al Pacino)
Mood: Sad

I'm beginning to realize that I'm running out of time. My
life is passing me by and there's nothing I can do about it.
Ever since college, I feel like my life's just been this
continuous blur. I feel like God is filming my life out of
focus. I live for distractions, from moment to moment. Just
trying to get through the day, without having to deal with
life. I've been told that life is what happens when your
trying to get somewhere. Well what if you have no idea where
your going? I need to find some direction. I need to find
the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm tired, maybe
tomorrow will be a better day. I wonder if everyone feels
this way? If they do, I really should have been a
psychologist. It wouldn't have been hard finding patience.
Good night cruel world. I hope you'll be a little nicer