Endless abyss of nonsense and sorrows
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2002-10-21 05:52:26 (UTC)

Oct 20

Today was the first fairly good day that ive had in a long
time ^_^

Everything that was wrong in the previous entry is still wrong... but
some good things happened to even it out...

Church was good...
After Church was fun...
Aaron and Travis were at Austins
We all decided to go back to the church so austins band
could play for a while.. Aaron and I decided to watch
Princess Mononoke while they were doing so.
But, he was a butthead and stopped it halfway through and
told me i could watch the rest later... so now im very
intentivley watching the download of DivX so i can watch
the rest of it. 97%!! WOOOHOOO
Ok... gotta finish this quickly..
Austin and I were close again... just like its always
been... well, not THAT close, but we were close friends...
Travis, Aaron and Austin all were agianst me!!
No Fair!!
Download COMPLETE!! I might write later

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