My Life by Jen
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2001-08-06 04:22:43 (UTC)

Trucked' Up.

Drugs fuck up everything.
Maybe that's why I don't do them.
Number one, they ruin relationships.
Number two, they make people into asses.
Number three, they control people.

I can't count how many people who have told me that weed
doesn't control them, that they can quit any time. And I
have been the person to see them fail at all this.

Just cause I've never taken drugs doesn't mean I can't see
the effects of them.
No, I'm not getting in a car with you after you've smoked a
Yes you're intoxicated.
No, you're wrong, weed does NOT make you a better driver.
You just missed that can you say it helps you to
Thanks for being so I have to call so
and so to take me home cause you SUCK.

It's's a waste of time, and It ruins the
friendships you have.

I don't care what anybody says.

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