feeling ignorant today?
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2001-08-06 04:15:13 (UTC)

bad idea???

gag me with rufage. god, i've wanted to dye my hair pink
for a year and a half, but couldn't because of my job and i
finally quit and ALL these people i don't like get their
hair dyed pink. *ERGH* i'm so fucking pissed. oh well, i'm
gonna do it anyway and look ten times better than them!
fuck them. jo and amber dyed their hair pink. *augh*
whatever. i don't care.

today i went and saw "original sin" again with my mom. then
we went to kroger and it was really cold in there so i said
i would wait outside and while i was waiting these guys
with razor skooters come in with a video camera and i guess
they're just goofing off, but it was funny.

i downloaded jill sobule's "supermodel" and i've been
listening to it all day. right now i'm listening to soul
coughing "circles". it's real cool. i'm gonna be broke here
soon cause mummy and daddy don't buy me everything. i won't
be able to get a new cd for a while. piss.

my rents might get a divorce. yeah, for the third time this
year. every year this happens. it's not going to happen. i
hate it when they get my hopes up like that. 'we're getting
a divorce' 'huh, okay, whatever'. i mean it's just like a
hollow threat or something. stupid. i want them to get a
divorce. all they do is fight and blah, blah, blah. and
steal from each other and lie. it's pathetic.

gonna run. later


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