Nick's Journal
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2002-10-21 03:45:03 (UTC)

Sheila contacting me

Sheila contacted me as i was updating my journal. so i
figured i'd write about something she'd enjoy.
i think she'd enjoy my cat pete getting his very own
journal entry.
whta can i say about my cat?
he's fat.
he's black.
he's sorta like oprah, withouth the annoying didactic
he doesnt' recommend books but he has a white spot and
only sheila knows where!
he called the cops on me when i was stoned.
he eats so much it's not even right, and somehow he
manageds to take craps that dont' stink up the place.
he's a lot like a bitch really. he'll let you pet him
until he doesn't want it anymore, then he scratches you.
he lieks sheila a lot because he wants to get to fonzi ;-).
i call my animals by derogatory names because i get a kick
out of them not getting pissed off at me. i can do
whatever i want, as long as i don't pet pete for too
long. that's really it.
i can be racist, stupid, fat, ugly, or austrian and they
dont' care. pete really doesn't care. i think a
spaceship could land in our backyard and the leader of
cats could come forth and say "pete, you are the king of
our world of cats", and pete woudl say,
"damn sucka!! can't you see i be sleepin'? damnnnnn"
pete kcks ass too. he may be fat but he knows how to keep
others out of his territory. he's a big fan of the NRA
and he wants to open the OPSOG organization.....which
stands for Only Pete Should Own Guns. i'm working on that
with him.
anyhow, that's pete.
au revoir.