Pure Belligerence
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2001-08-06 04:07:05 (UTC)

*My second day of work*

work is great.. i met some really cool people and its fun
seeing all the people..... even if some of them are really
fucking weird. i mean... this guy yelled at me because the
store couldnt sell beer past 8:00. Iv been seeing everyone
i know.... lyndse.... karen..... tony....
nate.....ashley.....mrs schlickter (the cool chem teacher
who is an emt and is excited me and alicia are taking an
emt course).... and more people. Oh.. and money is good
too.... i worked today and got paid time and a half because
its sunday... the only thing is that.... on my first
day.... i asked for 12 days off because my grandma wants to
take me down to florida.... but i lied about the reason....
and i dont know if theyre gonna give me the time off.... i
think they will.... but i forgot to look on the sheet
today. On thursday, the next day that im working, me and
alicia are getting trained to be cashiers because for the
past two times weve had to be baggers.