worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-08-06 04:05:01 (UTC)

The ride home

We leave the restaurant hand in naughty hand. We get to
the car and you whisper in my ear how proud you are of me
for accepting your orders so well. I smile and look up at
you like a kitten waiting for a treat. You place a long
gentle kiss on my lips which my whole body responds to. As
we get into the car for what I expect to be a rather
uneventful ride home, you remind me that I am still to be
punished for cumming without permission. I start to
protest and then realize that you are right and I should
accept with gratitude whatever is to come. You produce a
small vibrator and tell me to spread my legs. I do. You
have me lift my skirt so I can feel the cool leather of the
seat on my warm and wet flesh. I do. You insert the
vibrator and switch it on as you start the car. 'Not much
of a punishment' I'm thinking. We drive for a few minutes
and my body begins to move in rythm to the vibrations and
it is obvious that I am close to climaxing. Before I even
get a chance to ask you, you reach over and switch it off.
I look over and immediately I know what your plan is. I
pout and tell you you're cruel for teasing me so. You grin
and reply 'If that's your wish, I certainly can be.' The
car pulls over and I see you open the glove compartment and
produce two clothspins. I stay quiet thinking that maybe
if I don't egg you on, this won't happen. I'm wrong. You
order me to unbutton my blouse and expose my breasts. I
look out the window and see that we are on very crowded
streets and know that anyone could look in the window and
see me. Tormented between my desire not to be quite so
exposed in public and my desire to serve you, I do as
instructed and attempt to position my arms to block the
view from the window. You attach the clothspins to my
erect nipples. You tell me you have a surprise for me and
ask me to close my eyes. I comply. Before I even realize
what has happened you have my wrists tied behind the back
of the seat. To make matters worse you recline my seat
enough that my pussy is slightly exposed but so that I can
still see any eyes wandering into the car. As you start
the engine again you also restart my vibrator. For the
rest of the ride home you stop the vibrator everytime I am
near to climaxing leaving me begging and squirming on the
seat, trying in vain to get the friction I need. What's
more, you decide it is such a nice night out, we should
take the scenic ride home. :)