Sari McKinney

I Hate
2001-08-06 03:58:29 (UTC)

The Play

Okat the play... if you didn't already know I was in a play
over this summer I was a ventriloquist a barber and a Down
and Out! You all must be thinking wow she had a lot of
parts, yea and you would be right... but I also had two
lines throughout the whole thing. I get killed twice in the
first five minutes and... well if you saw it you would know.

Okay enough of that... I just wanted to tell you all how
much I love acting, ((Libby and Ashley saw a perfect
example of that at the graveyard ^.~)) Even though I am a
horrible actress I still love it. O well enough of that.

I can't type today. Well my keyboard does have mood
swings... and it might also be the fact that it's 11:54 at
nite... o well... in other news Sarah will be extremely
bored tommorow... would you like to join me in my
boredness? Great actually I have plans with Lisi... sowwey

Well that's about it!