ashley e.
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2002-10-21 02:30:35 (UTC)

October 21

i dunno where 2 start...first i will jus talk bout wut happened when
pip moved(my fiance) in august 2001...he got kicked off the base 2 go
2 texas cuz he got caught drinkin and he was out passed cerfew...we
were in love...when he got there he told me bout this girl flip that
he meet...he sent me a pic of her and everything...he said he didnt c
her in ne other way then a sister...well in november he started
fallin outta love w/ me...in december i was really drunk so one of
his friends kissed me...no tounge...jus a peck...i told him and he
said well i fucked flip...i was so upset...i was cryin and
everything...then he broke up w/ me...the next day i found out that
he was goin out w/ flip...jan. 1st we talked 4 bout 14 hours...he
told me that him and flip broke up cuz all he did was think of
me...well that was a lie...he didnt break up w/ her...she broke up w/
him cuz his friend pablo broke them up and went out w/ her...he asked
me 2 marry him jan. 8...i said yes...our one year ann. was april
1st...i found out he was w/ another girl the whole day...he was w/ a
girl named amy...his "fuck buddy"...thats sad he actually had 2 have
a fuck buddy...when i found out..i broke up w/ him...(he still doesnt
know thats y i broke up w/ him)...then i took him bac...cuz he stoped
cin her...then 2days b4 he came bac he emailed me...
"Well...i wanted to tell you in person, but you want to know now so
ill tell you. First off, i did love you, you know that. I did for a
long time and i did want to be with u. However, we cant, the reason
being is taht i will no longer be at yokota when october comes
around. Im comming back here. If you must know, i do have a gf right
now. She wants to stay with me while im gone, but i told her it wasnt
worth it so we are breaking up when i leave. The reason why im
leaving yokota earlyer is because im jes going to get on with my life
and live it like everyone else. Enough of this kiddy bullshit....im
done with it all, i need to grow up and be with ppl. my age (nothing
against you). So in october im leaving for bootcamp at lackland afb
and thats it. I know you probely want to kill me and thats fine, im
not mad at you or anything, we jes need to look past this and get
past this. Dont think that im going to ignore you when i get back
(around 48 or so hours from now). Ill still going to come over to
talk or what not, thats if you still want to be friends. Im sorry
ashley for all the misery i put you through. I had no right to do
what i did to you. I know you will never forgive me for it and thats
fine, but im apoligizing anywayz. I got to go now, sorry so short,
but before i go im going to tell you something. I did love you and
when i said you will alwayz be in my heart, well, i mean it. You did
take a peice of my heart ashley and ill alwayz love you in my own
way, i hope you understand.
Pip"...that exactly wut he wrote me...he cheated on me w/ her 4 bout
3 weeks cuz...the day he got bac...we got bac 2gether...and i asked
him b4 i answered "r u still goin out w/ heather?\"and he said
no...well i found out later on that he was goin out w/ her...he broke
up w/ her a week after he got bac...he said that its only cuz if it
didnt work out w/ me and him...he was gonna go w/ her...well thats
all im gonna write 2day...laterz...