Highway to Hell
2001-08-06 03:25:38 (UTC)


well tomorrow begins the next fours years of my life high
school football officailly starts tomorrow. i've been
drinking water all day to hydrate myself cause i don't
wanna go out there and get sick and die like the guys that
did last week. i think now that people started to die the
coaches might take more precautions about getting drinks
more frequently at least at the begining. well heres my
take on the season i'm sayin were gonna go 10-0 winning all
the games. i think the first couple of practices are gonna
be hard prolly just cause i'm out of shape and the coaches
wanna weed out the men from the boys as they say. i don't
know if a lot more different people are gonna show up that
didn't come to work outs. but i don't know if anyones gonna
quit. but i know i'm not gonna.