The land of unknown
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2001-08-06 03:22:25 (UTC)

Lucky 13

woohoo! well, today i finally got Dry Kill Logic's (DKL)
cd. i first heard of them on roadrunnerrecords.com.
their label, obviously. i'm still waiting for Ill Nino and the
new Slipknot. and this one band Chimaira. but those
have been held back due to roadrunner records deal
with some one. 49% of it is going to be bought by a
larger label. don't know which one. but the DKL cd is
real cool. the song 'Goodnight' kinda surprised me. they
deffinetly did not strike me as the type of band to have a
soft song on the album. they seem more like Slipknot,
hard and aggresive. it's a good song. nice acoustics.
and also, today, me and my brother bought the '13
Worrior' DVD. that movie kicks ass! and so do Vikings!
woohoo! BIG weapons! my brother really likes this
game called 'Rune'. it's a third person view type game
about Vikings. REALLY BIG weapons. but the game, he
says, feels more like a role playing game, instead of an
action type game. i don't know. last time i played it was
when it was just a demo. and i got most of my room all
situated. i need more shelfs up. i have a ton ofjunk that
was on shelfs, but i don't have any at the moment. at
least i got my X-Men poster up. looking good. and that
reminds me. got more picks of Fairchild of Gen 13,
lookin' real good! some pics better then others, but i
need to get more Spawn pics, i only have a few. and
those i got from searching Witchblade and they did a
cross over. oh well. the bad thing is, the only page on
Steampunk i could find, didn't seem to be there
anymore. damn it! i want my Steampunk pics! speaking
of pics, my dad found a guitar pic that we almost threw
away in some paper, and he gave it to me saying that
he found one of my pics. but it's not one i recognize.
never seen it before in my life. and it's not my brothers.
and my mom had found a pic too, before we left
California and gave it to me, but i didn't recognize it
either. we've got pics appearing from nowhere!!!