Journey to Something
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2002-10-21 01:54:01 (UTC)

Sunday, October 20, 2002


homecoming was last night and it rocked. it was awesome being
single! i spent the entire time getting my groove on in the middle
of the dance floor. it was great! i'm glad shayne wasn't there. i
need time time by myself, to find what's really inside. i mean, who
the hell ever knew i could dance, before last night? nobody. and
now they do and it's sweet. the last song they played was "stairway
to heaven." if cory mills-dick hadn't asked me to dance then, i
would have started crying. lol. it's not like i wanted to dace with
HIM, but it took my mind off the song. it felt great not to be
attached to one guys hip, and free to flirt all i want. i still love
shayne, but i'm going to cherish this time right now to grab life by
it's dress tie, and dance.