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2001-08-06 03:04:12 (UTC)

beauty among other things.....

It was so awesome to have Will(my bf in Indiana) call and
not be afraid of the Caller ID. My step dad answered the
phone when he called at three... it was kinda weird... had
to go outside when he did that.
We couldn't continue with our "lessons" as planned because
people were here, but I helped him get off. Made me a
little happy to be able to help my baby.
Tomorrow I go to the school to get my schedule, locker,
books, and pics taken.
And there's only.... 6 more days til my birthday. Yep. My
aunt wants to get me glamour shots for some reason... I
hate the idea of having other people put makeup on me. It
makes me feel... fake. Which I'm not. Aside from that, I
doubt it's all "glamourous" and I dunno.... just don't like
it. I'd rather just do myself up and go get a nice pic
taken at this one studio that just has great lighting and
I'm simple like that. I mean, I don't like the tons of make
up or anything like that, except for maybe every now n
then. Which is weird, cuz ya know, I wanna act.
Some people say I should be a commercial model. I KNOW I'm
not skinny enough to be runway... wouldn't want to be....
but I dunno... I really don't think I'm that kind of
pretty. I have this great skin n complexion, but that isn't
anygood if it doesn't have a pretty face to go with it. And
Will is constantly at me, "you're beautiful" but I've never
been able to believe that.
He's actually the first guy that's said that to me. And I
love him more for it, because it really is alot to me. I've
heard pretty and cute, but beautiful is different...
important. Dunno

I do know I have a great nose!!! Heehee.... s'funny, I
know... but really, I've had strangers walk up to me and
tell me I have a beautiful nose, and people pay for noses
like mine. Weird huh?

I miss Will already. it's only been a little while since we
got off the phone. He thought my sister was me... heehhee.
It was kinda funny.
he's so great. He's my everything.
I know I'm obsessive. But he really is like a god to me. To
love me tha way he does, the way christians n such believe
their god loves them.
And I'm only waitin until I can be in his arms.

Then I will be the happiest I've ever been.