Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-08-06 03:00:36 (UTC)

Original Sin

I just went to go see Original Sin with Kelly. It was
amazing, one of the best movies I've ever seen. I was
completely lost in it, I forgot where I was lol. It's so
incredible. I must buy it when it comes out. I have to go
see it again.

Original Sin Quote: "You cannot walk away from love"

Last night. Hm I'm trying to think of what I did. Oh, I did
nothing until I went to work. Actually, I went out to lunch
with my friend Johanna because she had to talk to me about
some guy. Then work, where I did the dishes all night, and
I was so tired by the end of the night that I passed out
nearly. This morning I got to work at 10am, I opened with
Eric and Kelly. It was good, because we just sat there and
talked and drank coffee the whole time, because we don't
open til 11:30am. Um.. yeah. Usually on Sundays this is
how it goes. Usually, it is me, Kelly, and Niki. Kelly
waitresses, I do the damn icecream windows because Niki
won't, and Niki hardly does anything but pretends she's
busy. So I usually have to do a whole line of people by
myself while she doesn't help. I hate windows, and I now
hate dishes too after last night. So today Niki was gone,
so Kelly waitressed, Mary came in to do windows, and I was
free from them! Eric was downstairs and told us not to
disturb him unless we had a rush, because he had to make
calzones, so I rolled out all of the pizzas we got, I made
them, and I cooked them, and Kelly served them. We did
that from 11:30 til 5 and never even called Eric up. He is
the cook, we did his job for him. He was quite pleased.
lol. But I am so proud, we ran the store by ourselves. Woo

Then after we went to Original Sin and now I am obsessed
and I can't wait to go see it again!

That was my day.

I am finished.