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2002-10-21 01:09:26 (UTC)


i have no where to turn to anymore because i have no idea
wut to do.... i wont mention any names because i want top
keep this as brief as possible but i know u'll be reading
this and thats fine with me and just to let u know this is
intensional for anyone that CAN give me any advice at all
doesnt matter wut kind of feedback u want to give me and if
u dont choose to give me ur real name or address for feed
back u can use mine [email protected] so
that u stay annonemous

ok ive been going out with this guy for almost a month now
and i really care about him. i dont know if im quite at
love tho because this is a serious guy not just a random
guy off the street or anything he really means a lot to me
and we go back to gr 1 and 2 so ive known him for a
while... he's always been known as the "bad ass" of the
group.. u know the one that always gets into fights and the
one who usually ends them. im well aware of that and i can
deal... he tells me that he'll turn his whole life around
for me but he just needs help and i want to be there every
step of the way to support him but theres something
troubleling me... he told me there wouldnt be very many
times that he could see me but then i reminded him of the
weekends... yes i work on the weekends but not the whole
time and ofcourse he keeps on getting in trouble right
before i can see him wich sux big time. i know he doesnt
do this on purpos but every time he gets into trouble it
hurts me deep inside and i feel like i should give up but
im stronger then that

lately its gotten really tough ... he's been sent to jail
for over night which did nothing for him and now i found
out he has to go to jail for about 13 days because of an
act that he had done... he doesnt denie wut he has done and
he knows he has to pay his time.... but i cant deal with

it fustrates me so much and i know thati shouldnt have to
be this stressed out but wut m i suppost to do give up?
this is the first time in my life that i actually feel ...
that i do care about him and if u saw some of the guys ive
been with u would see y i say that.. yeah there were a few
good ones but this one i cant sleep at night because i cant
get everything out of my mind........

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