my love war..enter if you dare, but help
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2001-01-26 03:50:52 (UTC)

well....its a new day i..

well....its a new day i think....i might have even wrote in
it today..i aint sure..but man i was at school and
uhhhhh..kevin is sooo damn hot..i just cant get over him...
then his friend actually talked to me first..i was like oh
hell..and damn hes a cutie too..then zach...damn...i am
just soo not sure..i know i said nope..im forgeting about
it but how can u when u got all these guys...ya know?

anyway school was awesome today..in visual basic(im a
computer technology major)..we wrote this program.and i did
it alll by myself and it worked..im like yay!!! and i did
it without any help..go me!! it is the coolest feeling when
u do it and it works....

anyway i guess im through for the day...

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