silent thoughts........
2001-08-06 01:23:21 (UTC)

when we met.........

there comes a time in someones life ,where nothing seems as
it should be or how you thought it would be,and you try so
hard to just get over it and more on with life but theres
sumthing holdin you back......

I can remember when i was told i had to go and do a
course,and i thought no way was i doing that,god i was only
17 at the time.But i went,made a friend before i even got
to the course,which was good cause im not one to walk into
a room full of people.kathrine was cool,she helped me to be
myself even though we had only known each other for a short
time,we had our laughs.
I was actually enjoyin being at this course,meeting and
talkin to new people,was something new for me who had been
in a domestic relationship already for a couple years,and
that is part of my life i hate(if only you can change
Wasnt long before i noticed there was more to life than
what i had at the time,and i wanted more of it.
I wasnt there lookin for love ,thatwas not my plan at
all,was something that just started and to this day might i
say we are still together.....Anyway was nice to have some
one looking at me from across the room,at first i didnt pay
attention,but the more he did it ,well the more i fell for
Glen was my knight in shining armour,showed me things and
made me feel things i hadnt known about ,he was 5 yrs older
than me,and i thought he is the one for me.I actually could
say that i felt i really loved him from the start,true
love,for me anyway.And we continued our relationship
together,leavin our past lives behind to make a future for
ourselves,over coming obsticales as they were thrown in our
path. to be continued..........