Who Wants To Be Ordinary, In A Crazy Mix
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2002-10-20 22:12:10 (UTC)

Fueling Passions is Gay (Stupid, not to be mean)

That's right people. I was feeling lazy and crap because I
spent the day in my pj's, so I went out running, and I was
all like looking at the trees and thinking they inspired me
to follow my dreams and shit, but they didn't really. It's
gay to think that. But sometimes it's nce to pretend my
life is a movie and pretend that looking at the fall trees
really does inspire me. I don't know.. but whatever.

Wne to the mall yesterday and got some new jeans - they're
really coo. I'm vrey psyched b/c now sarah and I can trade
clothes b/c we wear the same size! a def. plus!

Now I've really really got to get my english essay done so
I can watch Gilmore Girls Beginnings.. so l8r

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