My Journal
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2002-10-20 21:19:16 (UTC)


I soooo don't want to do work. After a fun-filled evening
of watching American Beauty and the Simpsons at Ryan's
apartment with "no" alcohol :), I fell asleep at 7AM. Then
I proceeded to sleep till 3PM. Now I'm just
procrastinating and hoping someone will save me from having
to do work. Tomorrow's an ass-long day; I have class from
11:15-4:45, and then I'm going to the library with Adelina
to help her with her research paper at 5. I think I'll
spice up this rather boring journal with a Simpsons quote
for every entry, so here's the first:

"Hello, my name is Lenoard Nimoy. The following tale of
alien encounters is true, and by true, I mean false. They
are all lies, but they are entertaining lies, and, in the
end, isn't that the real truth? The answer, is no." ~The
Simpson Files~

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