When you wish upon a star
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2002-10-20 21:13:59 (UTC)

The Adventures of Fred and the Human Cigarette

I Still remeber the first day i met Freds girlfriend. I
didnt think she was beautiful, or exceptional in any way.
She was older than him, i noted that. She was not as
beautiful as the picture in my mind of her had led me to
belive. And yet, she had a power over me that you feel when
a girl more beautiful than you commands. And we have all
felt that power exerted over us.

She stood in the doorway, the figure of...perfection. She
was slender and tall.

Her hair was chestnut and either untouched or dyed very
well, and it was straight and lay perfectly at her

Her eyes were glowing with a hazel tint. i was amazed
because her eyes and mine were the same shade and color,
but hers seemed to have a significance of which mine didnt.

But i did note her nose was completely out of proportion to
her face. It was large and gastly, and it made an otherwise
gorgeous face seem plain. Yet, dispite her nose, she was
perfect. She was pretty. She was powerful.

She would chain smoke and cuss in German. Her Fingers were
long like her body, they would cluctch her cigarette
passionatly and almost violently. When she talked it was a
mixture of elegance and aggresivness. A slight Accent
loomed and was deepened by the heavy puffs of cigarette

He loved her. He loved her like he loved life. He would
stare at her locking with her eyes. And slowly, he cared
about me less and less, until she consumed him, and i was a

I thought it was odd when i saw him light up a cigarette
with her. She was like the cigarette. He was addicted to
her. He inhaled her. He needed her. He could not rid
himself of her. And i was just a spectator, sitting back,
watching him intoxiate himself, watching him slowly kill

I miss him. I wish he would break his habit, both of them.
Im tired of wathcing him poisoin himself.

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