When you wish upon a star
2002-10-20 21:09:29 (UTC)

Serenity now!

Interesting how no matter how many jobs you accomplish in
one day, there is always more waiting for you.

This morning i woke up at 9:00. thats early for me. i like
wakng up before 10 because otherwise i feel guilty and
lazy, and its as if the whole day has gone by without you
being there. insted of vegging in front of the television
or going immediatly onto the internet, i decided that today
i would be productive. today i would be useful. Today i
would be more than a depressed lout sitting in the house
watching E! and wishing she were older.

So, i first decided i would finish my scene, all of it. and
i did. Then i decided i would find the italian translations
for another scene in my screenplay. (its actually very
good. Tony and his brothers go on cussing and talking about
sex and masterbation in Italian while gwen sits idely. The
later Tony apologizes for leaving her out because she didnt
speak the language, and she says "thats no problem Tony. I
understand Completely. Boys have to be boys sometimes..."
In Italian.

By then i looked at my clock and it was midday. So i did my
usual chores, walked the dogs, cleaned the guesthouse, And
actually ate. But yet i noticed that i had more jobs to do,
jobs i didnt routinely do, but that needed doing. I cleaned
and pumped up my bike (pretty useless because i havent
riden it since i was 12) but the neibourhood kid always
wants to ride it and that guy i was talking about seems to
be in love with it, so i polished, pumped, and WD40ed it.

Then i wrote two letters, sent them out, Checked the
balnace in my account and did three loads of washing.

I emptied out and rearranged my purse/canvas bag (i call it
the "sack of knowledge" because it keeps all my writing
notes and pens and inspiration tools. Plus midol, lipstick,
and all the other female necessities. Its sort of like if
William Shakespeare and that girl on the PMS pill
commercials shared a canvas bag in there) i threw away most
of my junk and papers and old wrappers and stuff i never

Now i am in the process of ironing on patches to a shirt i
got at the thirft store. i still have to paint my nails,
mask my face, and wax my legs. and, ive done every job
there can possibly be in this house, and im still not
satisfied! i still feel im missing something, important.

No matter how many jobs you do. You can never say "im done,
with everything." or, at least i cant. i worked for 10
straight hours today, and i still feel incomplete