On the Edge of emotion

The roots that hold my world in place
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2002-10-20 20:13:01 (UTC)

Time to change what went wrong. What the hell went wrong?

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if
time stoped. Not at a random place but at the place where
you were most happy. When you felt infinate, on top of the
world. I wish that day would come.If there is a heaven thats what I
think it would be, heaven is a place where you were most happiest in
life. Thats just what I think. I miss my childhood a time that passed
only a few years ago. I think one of the
problems in life is people never look back, not till
the time it's to late, till the time where they can't
change what happened. If we all just took a minute each day
to think about what we miss and how we could make it
better, we could stop time. We could change the world and
feel INFINATE agian. I wish I could have my friends back, the
ones who left me for others, people that seemed new and
exciting. but I bet if they took the time to look back
maybe they too would see where I satnd. In the back of the
room, face down, wishing they
would call one last time, One time to watch the sun set,
one last time to adventure, one last fucking time to say
goodbye. I just need a friend agian.

Note: Please leave what you read in the diary, don't
embarras me. Please. and I cant spell very well eaither. I'm working
on that.

till next time, Eddie