C'est la vie!
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2001-08-05 23:30:55 (UTC)

First Entry.....

Well, here I first journal. Let's see, how about a quick
My name is Ben, and I am on the verge of becoming a cop. I'm 24,
single and hungry, I should get something to eat soon.......

I am about two months into my break up with Elisha and now she is
having regrets and wants to get back together with me. I'm not too
sure about this, it comes at a bad time in my life. I
could quite possibly not even see here again for two years,
if we would have stayed together then I most likely would
be making efforts to see her, but not now that she has
broken up with me.
Shortly after our break up I met a girl named Denise when I
was in Edmonton doing a PARE test for the RCMP. She was
amazing but unfortunately she moved back to Australia for
another year to finish her degree in Biological Sciences.
I may see her in a year from now I may not, I'll have to
wait and see.
And just a couple of days ago Kate McLachlan, the sister to
my best friend and someone I dated years back emailed me
somewhat out of the blue. I really enjoyed her email and
hope she continues to email me.
My RCMP process took another little dip on Thursday when I
had to give another character reference due to the fact
that one of my references didn't work out. I can't wait to
get into training, I really can't.
Work at the Power corp. is ok I guess, I screwed up, got
drunk and didn't go into work last Friday, not one of my
finer moments.
Ok I should sign off for now and will write more soon. Buh

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