No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-20 19:20:16 (UTC)

Dont get mad. Get smart.

"Don't get mad. Get smart."
A big commitment is coming, although it's likely to be
someone pining for a chance to serve you! Look forward to a
weekend of better finances and clearer communication.
Your luck this week*

Love: A
Money: A
Work: A

That is my weekly horoscope...sounds pretty good to me. lol.
Well, I didn't get to talk to Terry last night. I even know
what to say, exactly what to say. He brought Trish home.
But, Trish said she'd be home by 12 and it was 12:30 when
she got here becasue they were playing car hide and seek.
She got bitched out and my mom told me I had 5 mintues to
talk to him. Terry told Fred to go hide and he'd go find
him in a sec but Fred was being a pussy. He lost his hiding
spot so needless to say, Terry was like I'll talk to you
later. I sighed and rolled my eyes and said alright. It's
not alright. I don't want to keep putting this off. But I
guess I will talk to him sometime today or I'll just catch
him tomorrow morning or at lunch. I just have to talk to
him. This is what I'm going to say:

"I don't know where we stand, or if you even like me
anymore. But I do know I still really like you. I don't
know if I'm just being stupid, or if I did something to
piss you off, or if it's something else, but we seem to be
drifting and I don't want to loose you. There are a couple
things I need to know; do you like me? and where do you we

If he says he likes me I itend to ask him out and ask him
if he wants to go to Homecoming with me. If she says he
doesn't like me I'm going to tell him I want to be friends
still. It'll hurt if he says no, but I have to find out. I
can't just put it off. And I really have wanted to talk to
him BAD. *sigh*
I tried my dress on for Jess, she's the only one to see me
in it before Homecoming and now I'm covered in black
glitter. lol. I tried my older sisters on too. She says it
looks better on me then her, but it looks pretty on her.
Besides, I really really like my dress. It's so pretty,
just not on me. lol. Or at least that's what I think.
I was thinking about my options and I have figured it all
out. Sure, it all depends on how my talk with Terry goes,
but I have figured it all out. And everything happends for
a reason and it'll all turn out ok in the end... I hope.
I love you Jess. *hug* I know you're going through a lot
and you know I'm here for you. We'll try to get together
and relax this Friday night. We should relax the night
before Homecoming anyways :D You know you love me. lol. I
hope everything gets better and I'm always here for you.
Well, I think I will leave you with my song.
..Again I Go Unnoticed..

So quiet
Another wasted night,
The television steals the conversation
Another wasted breath,
Again it goes unnoticed.

Please tell me you're just feeling tired
Cause if it's more than that I feeel that I might break
Out of touch, out of time.
Please send me anything but signals that are mixed
Casue I can't read your rolling eyes
Out of touch, are we out of time?

Close lipped
Another goodnight kiss
Is robbed of all it's passion,
Your grip
Another time, is slack
It leaves me feeling empty.

I'll wait until tomorrow
Maybe you'll feel better then
Maybe we'll be better then
So what's another day
When I can't bear these nights of thoughts
Of going on without you
This mood of yours is temporary
It seems worth the wait
To see your smile again
Out of the corner of your eye
Won't be the only way you'll look at me then.

~Dashboard Confessional

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