Jena's Rants
2001-08-05 23:15:05 (UTC)

breath of fresh air

Oh what a weekend! Nothing short of a complete and total
mind fucking catastrophe and needless drama, but all has
turned out well. I mean, no body came close to dying or
anything, hah - you're laughing i am not. Sarcastic fuck
that I am. Shut up you lamb. Anyhoo, I am over Mr.
Rampant Philosphie's house chillin', not doing much. I feel
like complete and total horse doo-dee. I can't seem to get
myself motivated. HappinEss did not go well, just to let
you know. Well, that is not completely untrue. It was
great during the whole sex part, yeah - that was really

************much time elapses an jena tries to remember
said sexual encounter**************************************
still trying**************"i definitey remember getting
fucked"*************"oh wait a minute, was that a porno i
watched"***********************"no no, that was definitely
me, oh yeah - good stuff************************************

So all was well until death came a knocking, and
uh........well as usual I made an arse or meself. Oh well,
nothing new in Jenaville, population 150 total bodies 1.
I really need to take a census, who knows how many new
fucked up personalities have bred inside of my psyche?
Shitey bastards dude, I can't fucking think.